ASM Permanent PD Monitor

On-line Partial Discharge Permanent Monitoring

The ASM is a permanent PD monitor for cables, switchgear and other high voltage assets.

The ASM can be configured with up to 128 PD sensor channels. If excessive discharge is detected, the ASM raises an alarm that can be configured either locally or by email. This enables the long-term assessment of plant conditions to be carried out quickly and easily, from any remote computer.

Suitable for all types of substation equipment, the ASM proves a powerful tool to an asset manager, providing continuous on-line condition data at the touch of a button.

Benefits of IPEC ASM Monitoring System

  • On-line PD detection – The ASM uses PD sensors that couple to the HV network and equipment non-intrusively and on-line such that no disconnection of the circuits is required
  • Fully Customisable – The monitor is enclosed in a 19″ cabinet allowing for customisable options, such as cooling, UPS, internal power baton and integration with existing equipment
  • Remotely Accessible – Using any of a wide range of communication protocols, the ASM automatically downloads to a central database from where it can be viewed on the analysis website from any smart device

PD Monitor Web Based Data Analysis

Partial discharge data collected from distributed PD Monitor network is stored on a central database and is hosted by IPEC. Customers have direct password-protected access to this data via the Internet, allowing them to browse the data and analyse plant condition from any PC.

Condition information presented like this can be used for targeting scheduled maintenance work before the failure happens, improving network reliability and prioritising asset replacement.

Based on the magnitude of activity levels recorded and the trend in that activity, a ‘League Table’ is automatically generated once every 24 hours. This table gives a clear and quantitative representation of the condition of monitored high voltage assets at any given moment.

PD Sensors

Sensors are distributed around the substation according to the monitoring requirements. Both active (with integral amplifiers) and passive transducers are compatible including the following:

ASM Partial Discharge MonitorASM 16 channel MuxiSM ASM PD Monitor Web Based Data AnalysisiSM Advanced Partial Discharge Data Analysis

ASM Series

32 channels
Portable equipment Short/Medium-term monitoring
4 channels
Permanently installed
Small scale PD monitoring
20 channels
Permanently installed
Distributed monitoring point
Up to 128 channels
Permanently installed
Large scale PD monitoring.

ASM Set Up 

Advanced Partial Discharge Data Analysis:



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