PD Test Equipment Leasing

Sometimes short term testing of equipment is required, IPEC offer PD test equipment leasing to allow asset managers to use equipment for short periods of time. IPEC offer leasing options for all of our equipment, from short term leasing of handheld units to long term leasing of permanent monitoring systems.


Portable Instruments

IPEC’s portable instruments can be leased on a short to medium term basis for when a specific PD test is needed over a shorter period, often before high profile events or scheduled maintenance cycles. IPEC lease both Switchgear and Cable PD instruments.

  • PD-SGS – Handheld Switchgear PD Detection Instrument
  • PD-SG1 – Handheld Switchgear PD Detection and Location Instrument*
  • PrecisePD – Portable Cable PD Testing and Location System*

*Note: Some instruments require training to interpret the data, or IPEC can conduct the Data Analysis following customer testing.

Permanent Systems

The ASM Monitoring System is an advanced online PD monitor for cables and switchgear. IPEC offer short term or long term leasing of the monitoring systems depending on customer requirements. With the ASM we have two solutions available:

  • Rental Only – IPEC will install the equipment and ensure data is available to the customer for analysis, optional PD training is available.
  • Full ASM Service – IPEC will install the system and conduct analysis a reporting of the PD activity, as well as manage the system.

The terms of leasing are typically between 1 month and 2 years, and if required IPEC can offer an optional purchase at the end of the lease.

PD Test Equipment Leasing

PD Test Equipment Leasing can be a cost effective solution to short term needs of PD Test equipment. IPEC tailor solutions to customer needs. For further information, and to request a quotation please email sales@ipec.co.uk or visit our contact page