ASM Monitor Data Hosting

IPEC’s ASM monitoring systems send data back to the Cloud Servers at IPEC’s Head Office in Manchester. The servers are the most secure way for clients to host the iSM data analysis website. IPEC offer a range of Data Hosting options to suit the needs of different clients.

iSM Website

Customer dedicated password protected iSM data analysis website which can be accessed worldwide via a unique URL. IPEC’s cloud server has a fast fibre connection to the outside world, ensuring smooth data access from across the globe.

Customer Support

IPEC Support is a dedicated team within the organisation to deal with customer support issues and enquiries. From assistance with data interpretation, to managing local problems and issues. The IPEC Support team ensure our customers get the best experience and service. Our dedicated support team can be contacted at any time via

Data Back-Up

All Data is backed up securely off site to ensure data protection. Our database servers also run local live back-ups to enable data access consistency even in the event of hardware failure.

Security and Software Patches

IPEC employs a team of IT professionals who monitor customer data and maintain IPEC servers, ensuring our systems are up to date with the latest software and security systems. As the iSM website improves, IPEC rolls out these improvements to our clients so they can benefit from the latest advances in the IPEC systems.

Remote Maintenance

In the event of any problems or issues with the monitoring system, IPEC will investigate and remotely diagnose any problems.

Service Levels

IPEC’s ASM Monitor Data Hosting service levels all come with the features mentioned above, however other additional features are available depending on customer requirements. Please contact IPEC or your local distributor for further information.