Cable Test Seminar

Free Seminar! We are hosting an HV Cable Test and Diagnostics seminar with BAUR UK (BAUR GmbH) and  in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

This is an invitation event, a forum and an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge for maintaining the performance and reliability of the highly valuable cable assets we have underground and sub-sea.  We will be discussing cable testing and cable diagnostics for medium and high voltage underground, and sub-sea.

Utility networks, onshore and offshore networks and interconnector owners and operators are facing more and more challenges.  New load situations, tight maintenance budgets, higher network complexity, higher value electricity revenue streams, etc.  The existing cable asset is under pressure, new cable assets need to perform for the long term.  So little is known about true cable condition, old and new, making asset management decisions less informed, and reactive maintenance remains the norm.  To overcome these challenges, cable diagnostics is the key to a condition-based maintenance approach, because it delivers necessary information and recommendations for a cost-optimized asset management approach, with minimal failures in service.

What will the seminar cover:
  • On-line Partial Discharge cable testing & monitoring
  • Off-line Partial Discharge cable testing
  • Tan Delta and VLF cable testing
  • Cable Life Prediction
  • Case studies for testing and optimising the cable asset in the underground DSO and IDSO, and the wind and solar renewables sector
Who is this seminar for:

This seminar is designed for utility networks, onshore and offshore networks, interconnector owners, consultants, and contractors.

Seminar info:

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UK HV Cable Seminar - Oct 12 2022