We are launching 2 dedicated HV asset management webinars for the audience in India!

Partial Discharge (PD) is known as the predominant cause of long-term degradation and eventual failure of electrical insulation. To detect and monitor PD activities in HV networks can effectively improve your asset management procedure and outcome.

To help the audience know more about high voltage asset management, we will share our knowledge of PD and the new Link Box monitoring technology. There will be 2 webinars in September: one about Partial Discharge and the other one about Link Box Monitoring.


India Webinar Part 1 – Partial Discharge
India webinar PD overview
  • September 2nd 2021 (Thursday)
    14:30 IST (UTC+05:30)
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India Webinar Part 2 – Link Box Monitoring
India webinar Link Box Monitoring
  • September 16th 2021 (Thursday)
    14:30 IST (UTC+05:30)
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More Webinars

More Partial Discharge / High Voltage Asset Management webinars are coming up. Don’t miss them!

Partial Discharge Knowledge

What is Partial Discharge? Click HERE to learn more about PD.

This project was developed with support from Energy Catalyst. Energy Catalyst is an Innovate UK programme with funding from UK aid.