Summary Crossrail is a new 118km railway line under construction, running from Maidenhead, West of London, to Abbey Wood, East of the capital. The track will pass through 21km of twin bore tunnels, running directly under the centre of London. As the tunnels run through the centre of the city, they pass underneath many landmark.. read more →

Discharging RMUs

Summary As part of a scheduled test program, IPEC carried out PD testing on all 170 RMU switches in the distribution network on the Olympic Park. The tests were carried out in the two months prior to the start of the London 2012 Games. Five RMUs, all Lucy Type VRN2A, were found to have high.. read more →

Summary A permanent PD monitoring system has been installed by IPEC on a 5km long 110kV cable in Northern China. The monitoring system has HFCT PD sensors installed at cable terminations and cable joints. A fibre optic installed alongside the HV cable connects the sensors at each monitoring point, with the data acquisition and signal.. read more →

Summary Faulty VT contacts caused partial discharge to initiate on circuit Grid 3. The PD activity was detected by the ASM PD monitor and an alert was raised. Subsequent maintenance showed that this circuit would have failed if the PD activity had not been noticed. The substation is fitted with Hawker Siddeley VMV 11kV switchgear.. read more →

Summary In 2008, IPEC installed a 54 channel permanent PD monitor into a large substation at the steel plant’s main processing factory in Taiwan, in order to identify any incipient defects in 33kV cables that were approximately 25 years old. In mid 2009, PD was detected in one of the circuits and automated alarms were.. read more →

Summary The failure of a 132kV cable termination at a large London substation in November 2011 led to the installation of an IPEC ASM permanent PD monitor on the 132kV cable earths in January 2012, prior to re-energisation. Around 3 weeks after the circuit was energised, PD activity was detected by the monitor. An on-site.. read more →