This case study will detail how IPEC’s PD-SGS detected a pending asset failure in a Middle East utility company. Our client is a utility company responsible for generating, transmitting and distributing electric power in the Middle East. As the monitoring of partial discharge is critical to the organisation and the region, the client wanted an.. read more →

How IPEC secured the power in a UK airport to prevent delays… In 2018, following a recent high voltage failure, IPEC were tasked with finding a condition monitoring solution at an airport in London (UK). Hundreds of thousands of customers pass through the airport each day, making it one of the busiest airports in the.. read more →

09 Nov 2016
November 9, 2016

Case Study: Solar Farm, UK

Case Studies

Summary A Partial Discharge Survey was carried out on all 33kV substations at High Penn Solar Farm, with IPEC’s PrecisePD, CC-TEV and AA sensors. Particular attention was paid to the RMUs and transformers. Tests showed that 7 of the 8 substations tested were free of PD. However, one substation, had high PD in the region.. read more →

04 Oct 2016
October 4, 2016

Case Study: Oil Company, UK

Case Studies

Summary On the 5th August, a sharp increase of Partial Discharge activity was detected on a 33kV switchgear panel by IPEC’s online PD Monitoring system, the ASM. High TEV PD signals were detected across the switchboard. Details On 9th August 2016, an on site investigation to locate the defect followed by switching operations. The PD.. read more →

Summary A small PD spike was detected by the ASM monitoring system in July 2015. IPEC kept a close eye on this and in February of 2016, it was seen to be rising. The criticality went from 0 to 100 in a very short period of time meaning a failure was imminent. Details High, and.. read more →

Summary As part of their routine preventative maintenance schedule, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) carried out some online cable PD testing using the liona (online cable PD testing unit). Engineers found that there were very high readings for PD. With this information, the network was switched out and the cable termination was inspected. Details The examination.. read more →

Summary IPEC conducted cable mapping for the customer using the PrecisePD location and detection system. Results showed that there was PD present, this was confirmed via PD mapping techniques that placed the discharge source from the cable termination (shown right) in the secondary substation. Details A PD spot test was conducted at the primary substation.. read more →

Summary Annual reporting conducted by IPEC showed high levels of PD on cable EA4800B as detected by IPECs ASM monitoring system. The PD had a large magnitude and clear reflections so IPEC recommended that the cable should be switched out for a full investigation. Details IPEC conducted an annual data analysis report for the client,.. read more →

 Summary Partial Discharge spot testing was carried out in the 33kV substation. High TEV signals were detected across the switchboard. A PD source was identified originating from the bus bar enclosure of this panel. A switching investigation was conducted and the panel was de- energized cable box, opened and visually inspected. Upon inspection evidence of.. read more →