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IPEC Limited was founded in 1994 with the objective of transferring cutting edge technology to the power industry by generating a dialogue between academic research, industry and commerce. This has enabled the power industry not only to fully exploit the research and innovation of scientists at the forefront of power engineering but to make an active contribution to the direction of future research and development. In turn, IPEC has been able to respond efficiently to market demands and develop commercially viable products which bring real monitoring and control solutions to the power industry.

Products and Services

Working in close collaboration with clients, IPEC provides a complete service for the design, manufacture and support of power engineering solutions.

With a strong research and development capability, our product range is designed to meet customer and market needs, constantly taking advantage of new developments in technology to give users cutting edge equipment with maximum benefit.

PD Monitoring

Our PD monitoring solutions form part of our core business area. The systems are designed to be permanently installed into substations for monitoring of cable and switchgear assets. Via a customer-tailored web front end, users can remotely view live PD data and historical trends.

PD Spot Testers

The PD-SG1, PD Detector and PD-SGS spot test units are used by many clients and customers as part of PD test programmes to regularly spot check cable and switchgear assets. The devices can be used to detect, quantify and locate PD giving the users information about asset condition.

PD Testing Services

Trained engineers with many years of PD testing experience regular test assets in the UK and around the world. IPECs cost-effective testing services offer customers a quick and professional solution for asset condition assessments.


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