Beginning of this month, with the support from our local distributor, two of our experienced service engineers travelled to Egypt and spent 5 days on-site and completed the installation and commissioning of our Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring Systems for cable PD monitoring – ASM-Remote.

IPEC installed 6 ASM-Remote systems in the new Egyptian capital to monitor the condition of their critical 220kV cables. These 6 ASM-R are installed across 3 substations to monitor the HV cables’ condition.



The ASM-R is the data collection and processing unit of the PD monitoring system, PD Data is processed at the ASM and de-noised using the DeCIFer™ and saved in its database, data is sent to the central server every 15 minutes from the ASM, it can be stored for up to 100 days in case of loss of communication. ASM is configured to different sizes depending on the number of sensor channels required at each substation.

All data is processed on the ASM-R, and sent from here, directly to the central server or cloud-based storage, depending on customer preference.


Egypt HV substation
HFCT sensors installed on cable earth to monitor cable Partial Discharge

ASM-R installed on site